Connect With Customers By Using Promotional Carabiners

Those popular little mountain-climbing clips are now being used for thousands of reasons. Some people choose to use them to clip their keys together and onto their belt loops. Others put them on bookbags or use them as zipper pulls. They’re everywhere, and you can get in on the action by giving away promotional carabiners. They’re available in various colors and sizes, are functional and lightweight. In essence, they’re the perfect thing to give away during a promotion.


While you can go with the carabiner itself as the giveaway item, they can be very small and may not hold a lot of pertinent information. You want something that will show your company name and address, or at least a phone number or email address.

Therefore, you may want to consider one with a keychain or tab so you can include another small token of appreciation, such as a keychain, mini flashlight, small toy or something else that means something to you and your brand.


Traditional carabiners are in an oblong rectangular shape, with one end being smaller and one being larger. They have a clip somewhere along the edge and usually come with a keyring attached. However, you can also find unique shapes, such as a number one, heart, breast-cancer ribbon, circles, peace signs, padlock shapes and more.

Fanciful Dreams

A promotional carabiner doesn’t have to be traditional. Go crazy and get creative with your options. Most companies provide unique pieces that are sure to wow the crowd and not be used by another company nearby. For example, some are tape measures, screwdrivers and bits, pocket knives, or retractable. You can also find cool things to attach to them, including water bottles, coin purses, hand sanitizers and more. Plus, they can come in a variety of colors, including camouflage.

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