Complete Dental Assistant Training in St. Augustine FL in About 10 Weeks

What if there was a training program that could teach you something that you love to do and make you highly employable and you only had to devote about 3 months to the program? Would you take the opportunity? There is dental assistant training in St. Augustine FL, that will take you about 10 weeks to complete and lead to a great career.

Who Should be Considering This?

There is a wide range of people that should be considering this fast-paced program that will prepare them for a career in dental medicine:

  • People that want to change their career
  • Anyone returning to the workforce that wants a fresh start
  • Recent high school graduates that want to learn a trade without having to dedicate 4 years to college
  • Any person that is interested in providing dental health care

Whether you are mid-career and decided that you want a change or you are just getting started on your career path and have always been interested in dental health. It is a great program for people that have taken a break from the workforce and want to get back in the running as a highly sought after dental assistant.

Fresh Out of High School

College is not for everyone. If you decided that college was not your calling but you want to help people and have one on one interactions with patients, dental assistant training in St. Augustine may be the ideal path for you.

Anyone Interested in Dentistry

This is a great program for anyone that has an interest in assisting a dentist provide excellent care for their patients. This program will teach you how to provide patient care in the dental office and how to support the dentist. Bartram Dental Assisting School has the program that can change your life!

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