Comparing Trucking Jobs in Wisconsin

When looking for trucking jobs in Wisconsin, there are several things to consider. The first things that come to mind are hours and compensation. But what about benefits, reliable paychecks and making your schedule? Don’t settle for the first trucking job available. Do your research and choose the best of the trucking jobs in Wisconsin.


Some trucking companies base their wages on a number of miles alone. You want to find a company that will pay you for the hours worked as well. You can’t control the routes and their speed limits, but you should have some control over the money you make for your time spent on the road. Choose a company with guaranteed weekly wages so you can budget off at least a minimum salary every week to provide for your family. You also want to make sure you have guaranteed time at home every week. It’s hard to be away from the family but knowing you’ll see them on a weekly basis makes the job worthwhile.


The benefits a company provides should be calculated on the overall salary offered. Most companies should offer life insurance as a tax-free deduct from your weekly or monthly paycheck. Good companies will also offer supplementary health and dental insurance. These are benefits that will save you money and provide peace-of-mind for your family. A company that offers these options is sure to have what is best for the employee in mind.


Some companies do not offer flexible schedules, health benefits or competitive compensation. Then there are companies who offer these things but still don’t consider the employee over everything else. Talk to the hiring manager and get a feel for the way the company operates. Do they allow time off for bereavement and family emergencies? How do they handle vacation schedules?

If you feel like the company treats employees fairly and offers employee-focused benefits, then you have found one of the top trucking jobs in Wisconsin. If the company is focused more on miles traveled than the well-being of its employees, then you should definitely keep looking for a better opportunity.

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