Comparing Air Conditioning Repair To Full System Replacement

Making the decision to replace an air conditioning unit or complete a repair in Atlanta, GA is not always an easy choice. There can be many different factors to consider when weighing the options between air conditioner repair and replacement.

Before making a decision, have a trusted HVAC service company complete a full inspection and analysis on the equipment. This will include checking out all components including blowers, fans, electrical components, bearings, belts and all other parts that wear or may degrade over time.

Once this is completed, the technician can provide an estimate on the air conditioner repair. In addition, and this is an important aspect to consider, he or she will also be able to provide information on any parts or components that may need to be replaced in the future. This will provide information on the cost of continuing to operate the current system and complete repairs.

Cost of Running the System

All manufacturers of HVAC systems are constantly improving the efficiency and performance of their products. Old systems that have been installed in an Atlanta, GA residence for ten to fifteen years are not going to have the efficiency of a new system.

While this may not be the single biggest deciding factor, it is essential to consider. When energy bills start to skyrocket due to the air conditioner, it is time to replace with a low operational cost model.

Cost of New Systems

Most air conditioner repair services also sell new equipment. This is helpful to be able to estimate the cost of a new system. Looking at the features of new systems and comparing the cost of the repairing the old system will provide the specific information needed to make an informed decision.

When the decision is made in the later part of the summer and into fall, there are often great deals on systems that HVAC companies don’t want to carry in inventory over the winter.

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