Common Tanning Bed Repair For The Salon Manager

If the tanning bed was a single unit, this article would be frivolous if not completely unnecessary. Tanning beds, however, no matter what their quality, can and do break down. You have several options.

1. You can hire a professional to take care of all tanning bed repair work
2. You can have parts on hand and do the work yourself
3. You can handle the simple repair work and leave the more complex overhauls to the pros

Whatever your decision, it is important that you know what parts of your tanning bed unit are more likely to require repairs over time.

Components Susceptible to Problems

Many parts go into making your tanning bed functional. Some seem to more readily require replacement and/or repair than others do, consider this list as a guide to what parts are more susceptible than other are.

 * Tanning Bed Lamps: If one part is to go more often than others are in a tanning bed, it is most likely to be the lamp. Check to see if it is worn out or malfunctioning. Always replace it before it begins to decrease its ability to tan. Make sure the replacement matches the manufacturer’s recommendations or specifications.
 * Lamp Holder: At each end of the tanning bed, you can locate the lamp holders. The lamp fits in these sockets. If a lamp is not working, chances are a holder is on the fritz.
 * Cooling Fans and Systems: Besides the lamp and lamp holder this component falls into the most common tanning bed repair category. Generally, the fan is at fault. The motor may have burnt out. In all likelihood, a replacement will be necessary.
 * Power Cord: This can be a serious issue. If the bed does not turn on, it may be because the cord has become worn or frayed. Never allow a frayed cord to be anywhere in your shop. Repair it immediately
 * Acrylics: Most tanning beds have an acrylic covering. Overtime, they may crack or become faded. Never consider repairing cracked vinyl. It is always best – and more professional, to replace it. You might consider asking for annealed acrylics. They are more durable.

Other components of a tanning unit that may require repair are timers and starters. Another issue is the lid of the tanning bed. It may not stay up or require adjustment to remain in place.

Tanning Bed Repair

Tanning salon owners and operators do have a responsibility to ensure their clients have the best experience possible when they patronize their salon. This is not possible if the equipment is not in perfect working order. It is imperative to make sure that everything is in perfect running order. Remember, if an intricate tanning bed repair is essential, do not opt to do it yourself, let a professional take control as soon as possible.

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