Common Reasons for Social Security Disability Benefits in Waukegan

Social Security disability benefits in Waukegan can be a saving grace for someone who is no longer able to work a consistent job due to illness or injury. It can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening when a disability claim is denied. Many claims are denied for a variety of reasons that are preventable. Here are some of the most common reasons for Social Security disability benefits in Waukegan.

Your medical records do not show the full extent of your medical issues

This is a common reason for claim denials. The Social Security Administration (SSA) takes the information on medical records quite seriously when they are determining qualification for benefits. If the information is incomplete or insufficient, it is likely the application will be denied. A common reason medical records contain incomplete or insufficient information is because the applicant has stopped going to the doctor despite needing more treatment.

Your paperwork in incomplete or incorrect

The SSA is a government agency, so they require the paperwork that needs to be filled out to receive benefits to be complete and accurate. If the application is missing even one piece of information, regardless of its level of importance, the claim will be denied. The SSA feels as strongly about inaccurate information. A claim will be immediately denied if any of the information is not correct. So, it is incredibly important that everything is filled out completely and correctly. Be sure to read and reread the application before it is submitted.

The SSA cannot find you

In order to approve your claim, the SSA needs to be able to communicate with you regarding the application. If they repeatedly are unsuccessful in their attempts to get in touch with you, there is a good chance the claim will be denied.

The SSA is behind on their paperwork

Unfortunately, the employees who work for the SSA are overworked. They are always inundated with paperwork and other responsibilities. So, to ease their workload, they are often looking for reasons to deny claims so they can move on to the next one and make their pile of work smaller. To avoid having your claim shoved aside, make sure there is nothing on your claim that can cause it to be rejected.

Having an application for disability benefits denied can be extremely frustrating, particularly if the applicant will depend on those benefits to make ends meet. It is incredibly important that all paperwork is filled out completely and correctly. You also must be readily available to communicate with the SSA when they have questions regarding your claim. If you feel you have been wrongfully denied Social Security disability benefits, you should contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. as soon as possible.

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