Common Reasons Dentists Might Recommend a Dental Crown in Kona

Dental crowns constitute one of the most widely used permanent dental prostheses available to patients, and modern dentists from general dentists to cosmetic specialists use them extensively. These tooth-shaped covers are used to protect damaged teeth and restore them to their original appearance, often allowing patients to keep teeth that would otherwise need to be removed. Read on to find out about a few of the reasons that an experienced dentist such as Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. might recommend a Dental Crown in Kona.

Protect a Weak Tooth

Teeth that have been weakened due to extensive decay or acute damage often require a dental crown to protect them from further damage. These prostheses prevent bacteria from getting to decayed or damaged teeth, helping patients to keep their natural teeth in better shape. If an exceptionally large filling has been used to treat a cavity, the patient may require a dental crown to strengthen it.

Cover Root Canals

Root canals are used when patients have sustained severe damage or decay to one of their teeth. They involve the removal of the tooth’s damaged pulp and the placement of a crown to replace the tooth’s natural surface and protect its interior. Patients who undergo dental implant procedures will also require the placement of a Dental Crown in Kona over their implant screws.

Address Severe Discoloration

Teeth that are so severely discolored that the issue cannot be addressed via more traditional means such as professional tooth whitening may be treated using a dental crown. Since they are designed to match the shape and color of the patient’s original teeth, they will look much better than severely discolored or misshapen natural teeth.

Anchor Bridges

Patients who are missing multiple teeth often choose to have them replaced with dental bridges. These bridges must be anchored to either an implant or a natural tooth, which requires a crown being placed to offer an anchor point to the bridge. Those who are interested in learning more about dental crowns, implants, dental bridges, and other means of improving their appearance and restoring their natural bite patterns, can visit us website for information about one local office that can help.

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