Common Questions About Structural Welder Recruiting In Broken Arrow, OK

In Oklahoma, workers who love manual labor find great success with the right career path. Individuals with welding skills could secure a lucrative career as a structural welder. A local agency conducts Structural Welder Recruitment in Broken Arrow, OK and provides direct placements for candidates now.

What Does a Structural Welder Do?

Structural welders are responsible for constructing the iron framework of industrial and commercial buildings. Typically, the workers perform tasks at high altitudes and must wear safety apparatuses in a constantly changing work environment. The candidates must understand the potential dangers involved in the job position and complete safety training.

What are Common Requirements for the Positions?

Most employers want a candidate who has no less than one year’s experience in the field. Their experience must include the ability to read blueprints, operate forklifts, manage prefabricated steel, and manipulate steel with welding torches. Select employers require the workers to have some formal training via at least a certificate program. Apprenticeships are also acceptable, and the worker must outline the skills cultivated through the program.

Salary and Career Potential

According to the U.S. Labor Bureau, the salary potential for a structural welder ranges between $24,000 and $35,000 annually. However, the skills obtained, work experience, and the company hiring the welder define the exact salary expectations. The geographical area in which the job is located defines the top salary that the welder could earn by accepting the position.

Screening Candidates for Companies

The employment agency screens candidates to determine if all information presented is valid. The recruiters also test the candidate’s skills as presented on their resume. Candidates are screened for drugs and alcohol addiction, and a full background assessment is conducted to determine if the candidate has a criminal past.

In Oklahoma, workers with welding skills find an incredible job opportunity in industrial and commercial construction. The job positions could place the workers with a company that pays upward to $35,000 each year. The jobs also come with exceptional benefits packages including health, dental, and vision plans. Candidates who want to learn more about Structural Welder Recruitment in Broken Arrow, OK are encouraged to contact The Recruiting Specialists or visit right now.

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