Common Pests for Exterminators in Longview TX

Those living in Longview TX, exterminators may find themselves in a situation they need help to resolve. In this state, several different “creature” problems often need addressing. The methods vary but the intent is the same – pest-free homes.

Types of “Pests” in Longview TX

Exterminators may be requested to remove a variety of pests. In Texas, the most common species creating health and safety issues are the following:

    • Ants: Texas is home to many different ants. Some are common and relatively harmless; other ants are destructive. Among the most common are:
      • Carpenter Ants: They destroy wooden structures
      • Fire Ants: Their bites are quite painful.
      • Odorous House Ants: While not harmful, they emit an offensive stench.
    • Mosquitoes: Texas has a high population of this common pest. In addition to causing itchy bites, mosquitoes are a source of several serious diseases including West Nile and Zika virus.
    • Rodents: Texas is home to several rodents including the following popular four:
  • House mice 
  • Deer mice 
  • Norway rat,
      • Roof rats
  • Spiders: Although generally non-offensive and helpful in reducing other pests, some spiders are dangerous. The two most poisonous spiders in Texas are the Black Widow Sider and the Brown Recluse spider.
  • Termites: This is the number one problem in Texas. The most common types are flying termites or subterranean termites.

Calling in Exterminators

Exterminators In Longview TX, if you find indications of any of the above pests, do not hesitate. Call in an exterminator. S/he will work with you to eliminate the problem.

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