Common Personality Traits in a Good Dentist

Certain people are attracted to certain things. That’s simply how the human brain works. If your personality is geared one certain way, different fields will appeal to you more than others. This is particularly true for dentists, as such a niche field of medicine tends to require at least a few prerequisite personality traits. If you are looking for or are interested in being a dentist in Northridge CA, here are the most common character traits found in well-regarded dentists.

#1. Friendly
A dentist must be comfortable with talking to someone in very close proximity to one another, and they must be able to come off as comfortable to talk to in such a situation. The successful dentist knows how to make someone more comfortable in a very uncomfortable circumstance.

#2. Focused and detail oriented
A dentist must have razor-sharp focus in order to perform their work properly. A dentist’s work is looking down into a small, dark, wet hole that’s constantly moving around, looking for teeny tiny details that show an infection or something that must be cleaned out. A good dentist must be someone who isn’t easily distracted and is able to focus on the task at hand in order to do it right.

#3. Passionate about medicine
It goes without saying, but anyone who wants to succeed in an industry must have a passion for the industry itself. Whether it be the science of medicine, the artfulness of the craft of dentistry, or just pride in doing a job that helps those in need. A good dentist is a passionate dentist.

#4. Good communication skills
This applies not just to the patients, but also to the other employees. Dentists more often than not run their own business, and thus must hire their employees, who of course answer to them. A dentist must be able to take charge and communicate clearly with their employees and patients. That friendliness from #1 won’t mean much if your patient isn’t aware that that’s what you’re trying to do. While some are more naturally good at communication than others, a dentist would benefit greatly from taking a class on communication skills before starting their business proper.

Many kinds of people have these traits in them as part of their overall character, some more than others. But these are the traits that make for a good dentist; reliability, good at communication, and overall a friendly person to talk to. If you want your dentists to fit these descriptions, look up Northridge Dental Works. Their staff fit the descriptions listed above to a tee, and have decades of experience in the field to match.

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