Common Myths about Catering in Denver

Catering companies provide quality food and beverages for a number of important events, such as weddings, banquets, birthday parties and other special events. There are many different benefits to hiring a professional caterer for your events, such as saving time and offering a menu with a wide variety of delicious foods.

However, when it comes to catering in Denver there are a large number of misconceptions surrounding the industry. It is wise to know the most common myths and the actual truth behind them all.

The Majority of the Cost is Food

While food does make up a large portion of the bill, there are several other elements that form the overall bill for an event. In addition to the cost of the food, you are also required to pay the cost of labor as well as the caterer’s time.

The final cost will depend on the services you choose for catering in Denver. This can include the cost of tents, chairs, tables, glassware, china, entertainment, dance floors, utensils and more. In addition, some caterers will also include a service charge on the final bill.

The Food is Boring and Tasteless

The performance and quality of catering in Denver varies from one company to the next, just like with restaurants. If the catering services that you choose is underqualified and inexpensive, you can expect less than stellar food. On the other hand, when you enlist the services of a company that is known for their high standards and incomparable reputation, the food will be of the best quality for your event.

Catering is Expensive

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions regarding catering in Denver is that it is always expensive. The type of service you require and the size of your event will impact your catering bill significantly. You can keep services affordable with a brief menu, no extra services and by omitting alcohol. In addition, a buffet-style service is less costly than a formal sit-down dinner.

Preparations are Fast

While companies try to be quick and efficient, preparations for catering in Denver often takes more than an hour. In addition to the food that is cooked onsite, the staff must also make certain everything is set up properly, from equipment to tables and chairs. Tables must be prepped and the food has to be unloaded. In order to ensure everything is carried out properly, especially for larger events, caterers need time to prepare.

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