Common Methods Used in Physical Therapy in New Waverly, TX

Millions of people battle with aches and pains every day. Some people deal with back pain while others deal with joint complications. These problems often occur because of past injuries or old age. In any case, people have their own methods of relieving their aches and pains. While some people prefer turning to powerful prescriptions drugs, others prefer Physical Therapy in New Waverly TX. The following are a few common treatment methods used by therapists for bodily injuries.

Ice is a great way to attack an injury. Many aches and pains lead to swelling and inflammation. Applying ice to an injured area prevents inflammation by constricting the blood vessels in the affected area. Although ice packs are usually applied right after an injury, this method can also be used to treat joints that repeatedly swell. Applying ice to your aching joints can help with your mobility issues.

Heat can also be used in order to treat an injury. Heat packs are often used by therapists for patients who suffer from spasms and tight muscles. As you get older, your muscles will gradually become less pliable, which could make it harder for you to move and stretch. Physical therapists will use heat packs in order to loosen muscles and reduce any pain a patient may be experiencing. Click here to find out more about the benefits of heat.

Manual therapy always seems to work best when it comes to physical therapy. Manual therapy involves using a hands-on approach to loosening muscles and increasing mobility. Physical therapists have experience in being able to manipulate a person’s muscles in order to help them relax. Your therapist will massage and stretch your muscles, and may even instruct you in how to perform a few exercises. That being said, manual Physical Therapy in New Waverly TX, can be extremely beneficial.

These are just a few of the treatment methods used by experienced physical therapists. Again, if you have muscles and joints that suffer from swelling and inflammation, ice packs will be very useful. Heat packs are used by therapists to loosen muscle tissue and decrease pain. Lastly, your therapist will use a number of manual maneuvers in order to help with your tight muscles and aching joints.


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