Common Grapes Used in Texas Wine Country

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Wine Storage

Due to the hard work of grape growers and winemakers in the Lone Star State, Texas offers some truly exceptional wines that have put it on the map. While you may not know these wine names and may have trouble saying them aloud, these grapes work well with the Texas climate and soil. Most are native to either Italy, France, or Spain. Read on to learn more about the most popular grapes used in Texas wine country.


This is a white grape that is native to Portugal and Spain. It is used to create fruity wines with good acidity. These tend to be refreshing wines that are dry in nature. Most of these grapes are grown in the High Plains of Texas where there are cool night temperatures. The wines made with these grapes work well with grilled vegetables, seafood, and sushi. It’s a must-try for anyone who is a fan of pinot grigio.


This is another variety of white grapes and was the first of them to win a gold medal for Texas wineries at International Wine Competitions. While this is a challenging grape to produce, many wineries have chosen because of its early success in competitions. The wines made with this grape have floral and peach flavors with notes of mineral and citrus.


The Mourvedre variety of grape is grown in France and does well in extremely hot weather as long as there is appropriate irrigation. Texas wines using this type of grape tends to have less tannin than French wines. Reds and roses are often made with this fruit, as well as blended wines. You can expect a taste of red fruits, along with a variety of spice notes from baking spices to pepper.


A red grape, this is one of the most used in Italy and is famous in many high-quality wines. As far as Texas wine country goes, it creates wines with medium tannins, bright fruit tastes, and acidity that melds well when eating. As these grapes gain root in the soil of Texas, the fruit improves every year. The wines made from this grape can be enjoyed with pasta or on its own.

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