Common Air Conditioning Repair Calls in Atlanta, GA

Over the years, air conditioners, furnaces, and HVAC systems in homes have become more sophisticated, reliable and durable. Today, it is not uncommon for an air conditioner to last 15 or 20 years, but the amount of time the system runs is a key indicator of a longer or shorter life.

There are some common issues Atlanta, GA, homeowners may experience with their air conditioning unit. These issues can lead to an increasing requirement for air conditioning repair as well as a system with lower efficiency and higher repair bills throughout its life.

If there is a need for air conditioning repair, having an idea of what may be the issue will be helpful. The most common issues can be easily fixed by a trained, professional HVAC technician, ensuring the problem is corrected, and the system will continue to operate.

Not Turning On

Before calling for air conditioning repair if the system is not turning on, check to make sure there is power. It is possible for a breaker to trip or an even a high-pressure limit switch in the air conditioner compressor may have shut off. This is most frequently seen on extremely hot or humid days. Let the system cool down and then try resetting by pushing the button on the access panel to the unit.

Blowing Warm Air

Freezing on the evaporator coils can cause the unit to blow warm air. This is also more common in the heat of the summer when the thermostat is set very low, and the unit runs continuously. While shutting it off and allowing it to thaw for two to three hours may fix the problem, there may be other issues that are causing problems as well.

Other common issues include the air conditioner cycling on and off or making grinding or whining noises. Calling in an Atlanta HVAC repair service early is important to limit the cost of repairs and prevent any further damage.

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