Commercial Shredding Companies in Denver

It’s crucial for businesses to choose Commercial Shredding Companies in Denver that guarantee confidentiality and have a spotless reputation for this work. Another priority is to choose a shredding service that destroys documents so they cannot possibly be put back together. The most suitable equipment for this process chops papers into tiny bits resembling confetti instead of the long strips made by cheaper devices. This is known as the pierce-and-tear method.

Mobile Service

Some Commercial Shredding Companies in Denver provide mobile service, bringing their equipment to the customer’s site and doing the work there. This is convenient for businesses that do not have an easy way to deliver and drop off large amounts of documentation. The person in charge at the business can even watch the work as it’s done, which also may not be convenient if the project is completed off site.

Mobile service can be provided as needed or on a contract basis for customers who must have shredding done regularly. The company can even provide lockable containers where the paperwork can be stored in the meantime. After documents are mechanically torn into tiny pieces that cannot be reassembled, the paper is recycled.

One-Time Service

In many cases, a big shredding project is necessary because of a specific event taking place. For instance, the business may be moving to a different building and there is no need to bring along filing cabinets filled with old paperwork. Except in fields that have regulations as to how long that paperwork must be kept in hard copy, it can be dispensed with.

Other Materials

A company such as Xpressshred destroys other private materials containing information that should not be compromised. Examples include computer hard drives, cell phones and DVDs.

Credit and debit cards issued by the business to employees can be collected at the expiration date. They can then be included in materials to be disposed of without any risk of an information breach. The customer may even want to include badges of former employees that were turned in when the work relationship ended.

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