Commercial Odor Control Systems – Which are the Best?

In industrial and commercial environments, a lot of different materials and chemicals are used and this can sometimes create some very offensive odors. In fact, some odors can interfere with the manufacturing process and actually damage materials. This is the reason why commercial odor control systems are very important today. However, what kind of system is best? Let’s check out some of the options to get a better idea of what is available.

Filtration Systems

Some systems work by forced air. In other words, air is circulated through the environment and passes through a filtration system. This is usually in the form of filters which must frequently be changed or cleaned. However, there are several problems with this method:

 * Maintenance – filters must be changed and this is not only time consuming, it is expensive to replace filters in large commercial odor control systems.

 * Trapping odors with filters may not eliminate all odors in the environment. Plus, it takes a highly sophisticated filtration system to eliminate odors and this can be very expensive to operate.

 * Ventilation – outdoor ventilation must be carefully controlled or you risk re-contamination with some types of odors. When you eliminate fresh air from an environment, it can create problems. Of course you can filter the fresh air as it enters but this will add to the expense of odor control.

Fog Systems

A fog system uses very high pressure water mist to clean the air. This can be highly effective in a wide range of commercial environments. For example, odors associated with waste treatment and decomposition can be effectively limited or eliminated.

As fog systems release very tiny droplets of water into the air they absorb all kinds of contaminants including dust and odors which can easily be removed from the environment. In fact, gases like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane can be effectively removed. This is very important because some toxic gases are odorless and cannot be detected without sensitive equipment.

Benefits of Fog Systems

High pressure misting can provide a number of benefits when used as commercial odor control systems, such as:

 * Lower maintenance costs than standard air filtration systems
 * Can provide much safer working conditions
 * Removes a number of dangerous and toxic materials from the air
 * Can also be used to remove fugitive dust and debris
 * Some systems feature programmable controls and remote sensing capabilities.
 * Used in a large variety of applications – paper mills, food processing businesses, livestock and poultry facilities, landfills, garbage dumps, and many more.

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