Commercial Masonry Repair: Brick and Block Repair Solutions

Bricks, blocks and mortar are very durable building materials. Yet, in
spite of its strength and longevity, they will still require repair and
maintenance with time. If you have a commercial property, chances are that
you are already aware of the extra costs that can arise if you ignore
structure issues. If not addressed soon enough, small commercial masonry
repairs can quickly develop into major structural problems.

Especially in Business, Appearances are Important

If you have a business, the condition of its building reflects your
capabilities as an owner or manager. If the structure appears run-down and
poorly maintained, people will probably associate that feeling with your
store and what it sells. While this may not seem fair, the truth is that
people judge a lot by appearances. This is one reason why it is important
to give proper maintenance to the façade, as well as the overall structure
of your building. You need to hire someone to handle maintenance, a
professional in commercial masonry repairs.

Signs Indicating the Need for Commercial Masonry Repairs

When bricks, blocks and mortar are combined to create a permanent structure, it is not immune to the elements and normal wear and tear. Over time, frost, erosion, pollution and other natural and manmade forces can take its toll on a structure. Commercial masonry repairs may be required if the signs indicate that any such damage has occurred. Some signs that point out professional help is required include:

 * Failing mortar points
 * Crumbling bricks
 * Crumbling blocks
 * Worn surfaces
 * Discolored surfaces or efflorescence – from salt, water and other environmental factors
 * Cracking (Vertical or Horizontal) – from fluctuations in the weather, uneven settlement
 * Spalling – from moisture or shifting

These indications of potentially severe problems can be found in foundation walls, retaining walls and other load-bearing structures that are formed by blocks, bricks and mortar. While it may be tempting to go ahead with the commercial masonry repairs on your own, this is not a good idea. If nothing else, call a professional masonry contractor to provide you with an evaluation before you make such a decision.

Commercial Masonry Repairs

You want to ensure your commercial structure looks good and remains strong.
To accomplish this, you need to make certain that the brick, block and
mortar façade are equal to the task. It is important that you examine the
exterior closely and remain vigilant to any signs of trouble. If you have
any doubts about the integrity of your building or are concerned about
potential commercial masonry repairs, do not hesitate to call an expert.

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