Commercial and Industrial Printer Systems In Kansas City, MO

You have seen them everywhere, you’ve seen them on plastics, metals, paper, cardboard, glass, wood, and more. What am I talking about? I’m talking about labels, specifically the coding and markings printed on various products like barcodes, expiration dates, and general text concerning a product. You may have just launched a product and need to have it coded for both quality and inventory purposes or perhaps need to print your logo on your products.

You may have thought about printing them yourself using a standard printer and have already tried doing so. You may have found that the ink easily comes off with a slight touch, blurring the important information you have just printed. Today, we will talk about a particular type of printer used in commercial and industrial applications and where you can get one.


No, not the animal, the company. Squid Ink is a company that manufactures specialized printers that are used specifically for commercial and industrial applications. Their printers and their inks are specially designed for printing codes, markings, and text on various types of materials and surfaces. There are 3 types of Squid printers that are commonly used by businesses and they are the CoPilot series, CoPilot, CoPilot 128, and CoPilot 382. All three are high-quality and high-resolution inkjet printer systems.

Where to Get a Squid Printer System

Gateway Coding offers Squid Ink’s CoPilot series. So no more worrying about important information being rubbed off your products. Print in high-resolution. Print in high-quality. Contact us for all your squid inkjet printers in Kansas City, MO, needs today.

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