Colors to Avoid for Interior Walls When Hiring House Painters in Las Vegas

When homeowners hire house painters in Las Vegas for interior work, they may have some unusual ideas they want to implement. Interior designers strongly caution these men and women against using certain colors on the walls, especially when painting an entire room one color. Not only do some choices make a house more difficult to sell in the future, but the colors can also have negative effects on satisfaction with the home.


Black, brown, dark purple and navy blue are examples of colors that are generally too dark for interior walls. These colors could be used as accents, but they are unpleasant when an entire room is painted in these colors. It might seem that painting walls black or dark purple would be an intriguing contrast with white furniture, but the atmosphere will be too stark for comfort.


It’s best not to ask house painters in Las Vegas to paint entire rooms in eye-popping hues. The colors quickly become overwhelming. Bright pink is an example. Even if a little girl requests this color because it’s her favorite, the effect is simply too jarring. An alternative could be a light rose. Similar decisions could be made for other exceptionally bright choices. Selecting a pastel green shade instead of lime is an example.

The Wrong Shade

Creating warm, bold effects with red, orange and yellow hues is appealing to many homeowners. However, it’s important to do some color comparisons first so rooms don’t wind up looking like fire engines and traffic lights. Done tastefully, the results will be welcoming instead of overpowering.

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