Coin Change: More Valuable Than Mere Coins

Are you a coin enthusiast with a sizable collection to your credit? Do you need to liquidate part or all of your collection? Bring your coins to Chicago Gold Gallery, where we specialize in rare and valuable coins and pay you adequately for your collection.

What’s in a Coin? Hidden Value

Uncovering a coin’s intrinsic value is a tricky task. The value of a coin often goes beyond the current value of its contents by weight. In fact, historical, sentimental and perceived value can often give a coin even more value than its face value. Our seasoned team at Chicago Gold Gallery excels at precisely this meticulous appraisal of a coin’s total value.

We are a team of enthusiastic coin buyers in Chicago with a long history in numismatics. We understand all of the factors that influence, enhance or diminish a given coin’s potential value. These factors change over the course of a coin’s lifetime, and you have to keep your ear to the ground to remain sensitive to these changes.

This is why it’s important to bring your coins to coin buyers in Chicago who have wherewithal, experience and industry know-how to objectively and properly assess each coin.

Factors of a Coin’s Value

Coins are small, inanimate objects, but each coin tells a story about its life. Each coin’s life and origin directly affect its current and long-term value. When evaluating a coin, we look at the demand for the coin. Is it a rare or popular coin that is much sought after? Is it a coin that’s unique but not so much in demand?

Next, we consider the coin’s grade: its aesthetic qualities, its strike, its color and any dents, scratches, corrosion or carbon spots. Lastly, we consider the intrinsic metallic content, the coin’s age, it’s design and its rarity (or lack thereof). Don’t chance your coins’ appraisal with inexperienced coin buyers in Chicago. Contact Chicago Gold Gallery today to explore how we can appraise and offer you the most competitive compensation possible for your valuable coins.

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