Cleaning Carpeting That Sustained Water Damage In Chesapeake, VA

When a home becomes flooded from a nearby river or stream, there is a lot of work that will need to be done in repairing the structure, so it is able to be used. Water from a natural source can be filled with bacteria, making it necessary to take precautionary steps when treating the personal items and building materials in the area where water is present. Here are some steps to take when a home suffers from water damage in Chesapeake VA.

First, the water will need to be removed from the room. This can be done with a water pump if there is an electrical source that can be utilized. If there is no electrical source, the water will need to be removed with the use of buckets. It will be imperative that people doing this job wear the right clothing to protect their skin from bacteria.

After the water is removed, the area will need to be dried in its entirety. This can be done with high-power fans and dehumidifiers. Any puddles left on floors will need to be removed with towel or mops. If there is carpeting present in the room, it should be removed and taken to a company that deals with carpeting that was exposed with water damage in Chesapeake VA. Failing to remove the carpet to have it cleaned properly can lead to mold growing in the fibers. The carpet pad underneath the carpeting will act like a sponge and can easily grow mildew and mold as a result. The drywall in the affected area will also need to be replaced with new pieces as it will also be prone to growing mold.

After the room is cleared of all items, it should be thoroughly cleaned with a bleach-based solution. This will kill any bacteria the water had transferred to the structural components.

If someone wishes to find a company to help with the cleaning of material items that were in the room, including any carpeting or rugs, they will want to find a reliable service to help with this job. Browse our website to find out more about the services offered by this professional company and make an appointment if desired.

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