Classic Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Cars and trucks are very complicated systems and are getting even more so as time passes. Our grandparents might have been able to diagnose and repair their vehicles, but today’s systems rely on all kinds of computers and complex gear that demand expert services. This includes transmission repair, and as one of the most vital parts of the vehicle, it is important to know when something is wrong and repairs are needed.

Signs of Trouble

It is important to learn about the signs you might need transmission repair with a single caveat: the need for repairs is not always the owner’s or driver’s fault. Transmissions are mass produced, and that means one very simple thing: They may be installed with flaws already present. As an example, a neighbor might have a car with hundreds of thousands of miles on it and have no need for transmission repair. The other neighbor might have just 20k on their new car and need a lot of transmission work, and it may not be their fault at all.

Now, that’s not to say that we as the drivers of those cars aren’t to blame. It is simply that not all problems are due to driver related issues. As the driver, though, it is up to you to pay attention and look for those warning signs. They include:


Whether manual or automatic, any time a transmission allows the gears to slip, is a sign of a problem. Most modern automatics use computers to shift gears, but there are any number of reasons slipping can occur. The same goes for manual, though the actual shifting is done by the driver. Slipping can mean low fluid, or something more.


One major warning sign that you need repair is when you see transmission fluid leaking. It is essential to keep the system cool and lubricate gears. If you notice leaks, it can mean serious damage could (or already has) occurred to the transmission and you must get repairs ASAP.


There is a strange burning smell that can occur if the fluid in a transmission is too old or full of sludge. The heat that this causes can wreck the transmission, and so the first whiff of stench means it’s time to get help.


Shifting (whether manual or automatic) should be smooth. If there is some stiffness or even hesitation it is no time to wait, and you should head straight to the best provider of transmission repair.

For those in the Chicago area, that is SOS Transmissions, with more than 30 years of experience, they repair all types of vehicles and transmissions and can even give you a tow! You can watch their videos on YouTube to know more.

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