Chronic Shoulder Pain: Surgery Free Alternative Treatments in Holland, MI

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Pain Management

It’s easy to take your shoulders for granted, but when shoulder pain rears its ugly head, it can make life very difficult. Even simple tasks like washing your hair or getting dressed can cause pain and frustration.

Shoulder pain is a complex problem to treat. Your shoulder is made up of an intricate system of bones, joints, tendons, and muscles, which sometimes makes it difficult to pinpoint the root cause of pain. Bursitis, osteoarthritis, overuse, injury, or tendonitis can all contribute to shoulder pain. The good news is that most of the time, shoulder pain can be treated without resorting to surgery.

The most common, non-invasive shoulder pain treatments are over the counter pain medications and rest, but you may need a doctor’s intervention if the pain persists. Your doctor might prescribe steroid shots or physical therapy next. These treatments can ease pain, improve range of motion, and strengthen muscles and tendons in the shoulder. If these treatments still don’t work, it’s worth looking into regenerative therapy. This kind of shoulder pain treatment in Holland, MI uses stem cell injections to speed the healing process in your shoulder, rather than relying on surgery to tighten and repair damaged joints or ligaments.

Regenerative shoulder pain treatment in Holland, MI stands out as a healing method because it speeds up the body’s natural inflammatory response, which means less pain. The use of stem cells helps your body rebuild the damaged tissues naturally, leading to better mobility and longer lasting results.

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