Choosing the Most Beautiful Poured Floor For a Home or Business

Everyone knows what an ugly floor looks like and everyone enjoys looking at a new floor once it’s installed. It may be the garage floor that’s all bumps, cracked cement and uneven wherever there’s a drain. Basements have awful looking floors because they get damp and moldy from no venting and not enough windows allowing the sunshine to get in. Uneven floors are dangerous, they’re ugly, and they lower the value of every home and business. Seamless floors can be poured all through a warehouse, restaurant, factory, garage, basement, or the kitchen floor of a residence.

Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation installs every type of flooring, from epoxies to acrylics and urethane. They suggest to business owners to have a floor poured that is safer for workers to walk on without falling. Seamless flooring eliminates slips and falls because there is nothing to trip over. The floors can shine like glass or have a matte finish to them. They can be stamped with a company logo that’s seen as soon as a visitor or worker walks into the entrance to the building. Flat, seamless flooring resists bacteria and is excellent for use in doctor’s offices, laboratories, and the pharmaceutical industry. The floors are easily cleaned and sanitized, creating a safer environment for workers.

Warehouse owners like the fact that seamless flooring is much easier to sweep and keep free of dust and dirt than a floor with seams in it. By eliminating a lot of time, a Poured Floor can increase the profit potential of a business. Floors are slip resistant, clean, shiny and contribute to allowing specific worker walkways be clearly striped with tape. For the kitchen, garage and bedrooms, homeowners are choosing a very popular marbleized flooring to be installed in their homes and basements. Colors are beautiful with a definite ease to cleaning in the home.

What most people like about a Poured Floor is that it’s non-porous and that it resists bacteria since it has no grout lines to collect dirt. It’s very affordable, and companies offer free estimates to businesses and residences. When customers aren’t sure about colors or materials they want, a staff is available to help choose the perfect floor for the area needed.

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