Choosing The Best Chilled Lead Shot For Sale

For many gun enthusiasts, particularly those that are just starting out and learning and the terms and details of the sport, hobby or area of interest, getting down to the basics is critical. Many gun and shooting forums are designed for more experienced gun owners, and it can make novice owners hesitant to ask questions.

Loading your own ammunition is another layer of complexity, but one that is very popular and very much a skill to develop. To provide some direction with choosing lead shot, here are some important things to know about buying chilled lead shot for sale.

The Basics

Any online seller or sporting goods store will typically offer both chilled lead shot for sale as well as magnum shot. This is not about the temperature of the shoot, but rather about the antimony content in the lead shot.

Antimony is a naturally occurring metalloid that has been used in medicine as well as in the cosmetics industry. It looks very much like lead and, in fact, can sometimes be mistaken for the alloy from someone not familiar with the difference.

When mixed with lead in percentages of two to three percent it will create a denser shot that is still relatively soft. It is considered the ideal shot choice by many hunters and gun enthusiasts for short range shooting requirements.

Magnum lead shot has more antimony in the lead, typically at four to six percent. This creates a less dense but harder lead shot that tends to be better for longer shots where it will hold the pattern more effectively.

When buying any chilled lead shot for sale, be sure to purchase from a known brand. This will ensure each shot is uniform in shape and size and will be an effective option for reloading your own ammunition and retaining accuracy.

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