Choosing Paint Brushes and Rollers for Quality Results

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Shopping

Using paint brushes and rollers made from high-quality materials is one key to achieving successful results. As a professional, you need paint tools that will help you save time and produce a finished product your customers appreciate.

The investment is worth it when it comes to purchasing professional grade paint brushes. With these high-quality brushes, you can ensure you achieve accurate and smooth results. With a cheap brush, you’ll have a hard time cutting with that precise straight-line you need so many times during a project. Professional grade brushes hold more quantity of paint than very inexpensive brushes. This enables you to work more efficiently. As well, professional grade brushes folder bristles better. Type of paint brushes and rollers you choose can definitely affect the quality of your work.

Paint Brush Bristles
Two types of paint brush bristles are important to understand. Brushes are produced with either natural or synthetic bristles. Natural bristles are often made from ox or hog hair. Synthetic filaments are often made from polyester, nylon, or other man-made materials.

As a professional painter, when you apply water-based paints, such as acrylic and latex paints, you need to rely on synthetic filament brushes. It’s not recommended to use natural bristle brushes in combination with water-based coatings. Natural fibers tend to absorb water making them lose their shape as they become sticky. Natural bristles are best used with oil-based paints.

Paint Rollers
By using paint rollers, you can cover a large swath of surface area, including ceilings and walls in little time. With a paint roller, you have a roller frame and a roller cover. Roller covers should be chosen based on the fabric and nap length most suitable for the job. Roller covers come in a range of nap lengths and fabrics.

In order to stay within your budget when it comes to purchasing paint brushes and rollers, you simply wants to have the tools you need for the job. For any one job, you often only need one or two quality brushes. Be sure to use the type of brush that has the bristles you need based on the paint you are using.

When choosing a roller cover, select a nap length that corresponds with the wall texture at hand. Also you want to look for a quality made roller that will hold its fibers.

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