Choosing Colors for Exterior Painting Contractors in Atlanta

The one question that all exterior painting contractors in Atlanta are asked is what paint colors should be used on the outside of a property. Many homeowners cannot decide because they are afraid of selecting the incorrect ones, and we all know what happens when that happens. Suddenly, your house is the center of attention in the neighborhood. Everyone is inquiring about what occurred.

Consider Your Roof

All exterior painting contractors in Atlanta will tell you that the color of your roof influences your color selection. Roofing materials come in various hues, some of which may conflict with your color scheme. Homeowners with black or grey roofs are fortunate in that they will not impact the outcome. Because of their strong undertones, brick or stone on the outside might clash with paint colors.

Think About Natural Lighting

The outside of a house receives a lot of natural light. The exterior paint color you choose will be affected by the light. In most circumstances, you’ll need to go with a hue that’s two to three times warmer than the one you desire.

Know What Shade You Are Considering

Before you chat with a color consultant at a company such as Atlanta Painting Company, you should have a shade in mind. We’re talking about a light, medium, or dark tone when we say shade. We’re not talking about the color of the paint. This is the simplest phase for most homeowners because they already know whether they want a bright or dark-colored home.

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