Choosing Between Laminate, Solid Wood and Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Evanston

It’s time to rip up the old carpet and replace it with wood flooring, or floors that have the appearance of natural wood. Even for homeowners who love the look of solid hardwood flooring in Evanston, deciding on this material can be a tough choice in some respects. They know it will cost more than engineered wood flooring or laminate, and that’s a major factor to consider.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring consists of several layers of plywood, solid wood and sometimes fiberboard. This combination is topped with a thin layer of hardwood veneer. Laminate is a synthetic product that includes pressed wood. It can look almost exactly like various kinds of hardwood flooring because it has a photograph of that wood under a clear layer.

Solid Wood

In contrast, solid hardwood flooring in Evanston takes longer to install than these choices. However, it also offers a better return on investment if the homeowners are factoring in a future sale price for the house.


Another aspect to consider is that laminate is easier to care for than wood. This isn’t such an issue in rooms that aren’t susceptible to water and food spills, but people may worry about hardwood in kitchens and bathrooms. Wood can be stained if spills aren’t mopped up quickly. Some individuals decide on hardwood for the rest of the house and have tile for the rooms in which water dripping on the floor is more likely.

Laminate also is more scratch-resistant than wood. On the other hand, it can eventually show the signs of foot traffic in the busiest areas. Since laminate cannot be refinished, it must be replaced if the owners want the floors to look like new again.

Concluding Thoughts

If the decision comes down to choosing between solid hardwood and engineered wood, are there any distinct advantages to hardwood aside from boosting the home’s resale value? If the veneer layer is too thin, it can wear down too quickly and will have to be replaced. Some homeowners simply insist on the authenticity and beauty of a solid hardwood floor installed by a company such as American Carpet Distributors. Click here to view the website.

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