Choosing an Apartment That’s Suitable for Your Pets

When you move into an apartment, you likely want to find one that allows you to have your pets. However, there are some things that you want to keep in mind so that you coincide with your pets and your neighbors without making a big fuss pertaining to noises or other disturbances that are sometimes common in this type of living situation.

Love Where You Live

Your pets need to be comfortable in their home. When you’re looking at pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, try to find a complex that has a park nearby or that has ramps that make it a little easier for your pets to navigate around the property instead of climbing a lot of steps. The complex you choose should also have other pets that you can see instead of only a few that are scattered around.


Your pet will probably shed at some point during the year while you’re living in your apartment. You can minimize this by brushing your pet throughout the week or taking your pet to a groomer to have its hair clipped so that it’s not too long. Consider getting a small vacuum cleaner to keep your furniture clean and to keep the areas along the baseboards clean.


When you look at pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, you want to find one that offers space where your pet can play. You want to be able to meet other pet parents who go outside and toss a ball or take a walk together so that your pet has something to do instead of staying inside all day.

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