Choosing an Apartment Hotel for Your Company Event

Are you planning a company wide event in Nairobi? Whether you are organizing a small conference, an employee retreat or a client meeting, a riverside apartment hotel can be a great option. A traditional hotel may seem alluring, but apartment style accommodations often make a lot more sense. There are few important reasons to book this option for your next company get-together.

More Space to Work

Hotel rooms often have limited space, and their conference rooms can book up quickly. However, apartment options provide ample meeting space. Additionally, the larger rooms are equipped for more people and offer office spaces, so your employees can get work done while away. This gives you more space to break up teams and delegate more productively. A riverside apartment hotel also provides an excellent location with access to important business resources.

More Economical

Lets face it hotels are expensive, and even if you can secure a large block of rooms at a discount the astronomical fees add up quickly. As a business your bottom line is important, and you don’t want to waste cash on silly hotel fees. Apartment options have significantly less overhead allowing them to offer better rates, and the rates are commonly inclusive allowing you to see the cost up front. You can budget much more effectively without hidden surprise fees.


When planning an event, you want your employees, clients and guests to be comfortable, and what is more comfortable than home? These locations offer all of the comforts of home from living room areas to fully equipped kitchens. This allows your guests to fully retreat and relax at the end of a work filled day, allowing them to fully refresh.

You have a number of options when planning an event, but hotels are really not the best choice. A Executive Residency by Best Western can help you plan an enjoyable and economical event that guests will certainly remember.

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