Chicago Lawyer Educates Couples and Singles About Illinois Surrogacy Laws

People who decide to become parents by letting someone else give birth to their child require the services of a surrogacy lawyer in Chicago. That is because all states have state and local laws regarding surrogacy.

Types of Surrogacies

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate uses her own egg. Therefore, she is legally the biological mother. Typical users of this method of birth are single men, same sex couples and women who cannot produce healthy eggs.

Gestational surrogacy is more common. It is the choice of same sex couples and couples with fertility problems. Male or female single parents and people who are unable to carry a child to term also select this method. Finally, people who do not want a genetic relationship between their child and their surrogate choose gestational technology. It uses in vitro fertilization.

Using a traditional surrogate requires that the surrogate mother give up parental rights. That is by far not the only legal issue people using any method of surrogacy have to deal with. Therefore, they need a surrogacy lawyer in Chicago. In fact, even before a child is conceived, people should see a lawyer.

This legal professional adheres to Illinois’ surrogacy laws, which protect the rights of the surrogate and the parents-to-be. Clients will probably need to present signed papers to the facilities that will provide the egg, sperm, or surrogate to even start the surrogacy process. When you need an experienced surrogacy lawyer in Chicago, to know more please visit Metz + Jones LLC now.

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