Chicago Businesses And Professionals Need Quality CD Replication Services

Many Chicago small businesses producing training equipment or product CDs use professional printers to complete the task. Artists producing demos of their work or those using CDs as a way to reach new potential target audiences also need the services of a quality CD replication service.

It is important, as a consumer, to understand the difference between replication and duplication when it comes to CDs or DVDs. Some companies, particularly those with very little experience and expertise will use the two terms interchangeably when there really is a significant difference.


In many ways, duplication of a CD or DVD is similar in theory to what you can do at home. It allows information from one CD or DVD to be simply written to another, and this process can be repeated over and over.

However, with professional services duplication is not the same process as home equipment. In fact, it uses sophisticated software and hardware to preserve the quality of the sound or images while still allowing a fast, cost effective process. Typically this option is used with smaller numbers of copies, usually under 500.


With CD replication, larger volume production requirements can be met while still preserving top quality sound and images. This is really the best option when sound and appearance is important. It involves creating a master CD that perfectly copies the original. All the replicated CDs are made from this master, which ensures everything is exactly the same on all copies with no degradation or change in sound or image quality.

This process, because it requires a different approach, takes more time than CD or DVD duplication. It is also slightly higher in cost per unit, but the more units ordered the less that this becomes a factor.

Preparing the Original

It is important to realize that with CD replication, or with duplication, the printing service will make copies based on the original provided by the customer. This means that if there are any errors, corrupt files or other issues with the CD or DVD they will be duplicated or replicated on all copies produced.

To ensure you have a top end product, it is essential to spend the time and check the original CD or DVD thoroughly. Look for any areas on the original that need to be modified, changed or enhanced before sending it to the printing service. This simple additional step will provide you with quality replications of your original.

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