Charlotte, North Carolina Disability Lawyers Represent Clients in Appeals

It may seem very unfair when a person has been diagnosed with a progressive, debilitating disease and has the application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) denied. It may be encouraging to learn that although the agents reject about 65% of the applications they receive, judges approve many of those during the appeals process. Charlotte, North Carolina Social Security disability lawyers are available to assist with appealing claim denials.

An Example

Someone who has been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease and has begun experiencing symptoms might apply for SSDI because working full-time is becoming effortful. However, the Social Security Administration denies claims if they cannot verify that the applicant is unable to continue. The agency follows strict guidelines regarding the definition of disability.

Understanding the Definition

Being disabled does not involve feeling fatigued sometimes or having more difficulty doing a particular job than before. It means the individual cannot perform any full-time work. Administration agents know that many Huntington’s patients want to continue working and stay fully employed for years after symptoms first appear.

Verifying Disability

Charlotte, North Carolina Social Security disability lawyers know the documentation that Huntington’s patients need to confirm they cannot do any full-time work. The prescription medication may no longer effectively control involuntary movements, for example. The person may have intermittent trouble with short-term memory and speaking clearly.

A disability lawyer can help the client acquire all the necessary paperwork and then file an appeal. This attorney will represent the client at the appeal hearing. Visit to find contact information for the law firm Collins Price, PLLC.

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