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EPIK South Korea: E-2 Visa Application Prcess

Keeping in mind the end goal to be working as an English instructor in South Korea, you will require the right kind of visa in the first place. The visa that is obliged (frequently) for South Korea is an E-2 visa, albeit one can likewise instruct with an F-5 visa. For more


Teach English in Korea Programs – A Complete Overview

Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan face a major issue: they don’t have a workforce that can speak proper English. Only a very small percentage of South Korean individuals can speak proper English. The government realizes the importance of teaching the most widely spoken language in the world to the


Visit ALA Schools in Mesa AZ

Public charter schools can exist under the umbrella of local school districts or stand on their own. Charter schools must meet state and national education standards in terms of curriculum and testing. At the same time, these schools often implement their own form of that curriculum and may introduce curriculum that specializes