Careful Design for Your Garden Irrigation System in San Francisco, CA

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Business

For those who take great pride in their gardens, whether the efforts produce beautiful flowers, tasty vegetables, or both, a garden irrigation system is essential. Beyond this seemingly basic requirement, a well-designed system produced by an industry leader can make your garden a place of enjoyment, saving you precious time and effort.

Specific Uses

When you work with the experts, you can choose a garden irrigation system in San Francisco, CA that will work perfectly in your situation. For example, 1/2” barb drippers are generally used for low-pressure systems (less than 5 psi). These systems require larger hoses and pumps so you should plan for this when designing the system. If you have questions about how to proceed or concerns about providing the right amount of water to your valued plants, you would be wise to talk with a knowledgeable representative.

They can guide you on correct design and installation as well as maintenance of a successful system. You may also select the 1/4” barb dripper designed to be used with specific hose sizes and slightly higher water pressure. Again, you may want to talk with a representative before moving forward with your installation.

Educated Consumer

Of course, you’re invited to browse the website at  to learn more about the systems offered. You should also understand that a drip irrigation system requires filtration of the correct size. The recommended range is usually 120-160 microns. This should suffice to keep debris from clogging the system. When properly installed and filtered, your drippers should operate extremely well, giving you time for stress-free gardening.

If you feel that you need professional advice on garden irrigation systems design, feel free to call with your questions and concerns. It’s best not to try to get by too cheaply when you’re trying to raise healthy and productive plants. Take a bit of extra time and pay attention to detail from the start to get the best results.

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