Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St. Louis: Using Chiropractic Treatments For Drug-free Pain Relief

There are many injuries following a car accident that are not obvious to the average onlooker. Whiplash, back strains and joints that are slightly out of place may not be visible, but they are as painful as any other injury. Sometimes the pain begins immediately following the accident. Other cases take a few days before they are noticeable. To find relief many people turn to pain relievers because their are few other options available through their primary doctor. However, a chiropractic office has many solutions available to treat these types of injuries.

Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis is a common service provided by area chiropractors. They help to relieve back aches, stiffness in the joints and the misery of whiplash. A full examination will determine the extent of the injuries and make it possible for the doctor to create a custom treatment plan to eliminate the pain and restore full mobility. Manipulation is used for incidents like this as well as a maintenance treatment, but it may not be enough for some traumatic injuries. Spinal decompression and muscle stimulation are additional pain relief treatments that also help to relieve stiffness and improve blood circulation. Therapeutic exercise is given to improve flexibility and eliminate discomfort. These drug-free services are used on their own or to work alongside other medical treatments. Patients should always inform their chiropractor of any additional medical help they are receiving.

Many of the available Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis are similar to what people require following any type of accident. Slip and fall accidents, workplace injuries and sports injuries may require chiropractic care to relieve the pain fully. For a lot of patients, this service makes it possible for them to reduce or eliminate their need for pain medication. Chiropractic care is available on an emergency basis for patients too uncomfortable to wait several days for an appointment. Click Here to learn more about the emergency services available from the local chiropractic clinic and to contact the office to get immediate help following a traumatic event. Regular appointments for patients without an emergency need are also available.

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