Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc Columbus OH Offers Tips to Stay Cool while Wearing Prosthetics

Wearing a prosthetic leg or arm when it is hot outside doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. With a few supplies and proper planning, anyone can remain comfortable, dry and clean, even when the summer heat is extremely high. Some tips that can help anyone with a prosthetic beat the heat during the summer months can be found here.

Keep a Supply of Prosthetic Socks On Hand

When it is hot outside, sweat is just a normal part of the day. However, in some cases, excessive perspiration can result in a residual limb shrinking, and the prosthesis may become loose. While a person will not be able to avoid sweating, they can prevent chafing and rashes by having several extra prosthetic socks on hand at all times. According to Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc Columbus OH professionals, it is a good idea to keep fresh socks ready to go.

Use a Clean Towel to Dry Off

When sweat begins to build up, a person needs to take their prosthesis off and dry their skin, the liner and the interior of the prosthesis with a dry, clean towel. This will help to reduce cases of friction. If an individual has plans to be outdoors for longer periods of time, they should bring a few additional towels with them to make sure everything remains cool and clean.

Rinse with Warm Water and Soap

When the day is over, it is a good idea to rinse with gentle hand soap and warm water to prevent an infection. This solution will help to eradicate bacteria from the prosthetic socks and minimize damage. Make sure the socks are hung out to dry before wearing it again or irritation and other complications may occur.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by keeping a prosthetic dry. It will help a person stay cool and comfortable. If an individual needs more information about staying cool with a prosthetic, they can call the professionals at Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc Columbus OH. They can also take the time to Click Here to learn more about what needs to be done to remain comfortable.

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