Can’t Head Home for the Holidays? Here’s How to Celebrate Anyway

For most Americans, heading home for the holidays is all part of the season. Whether it’s just a few blocks down the road or a cross-country trek, statistics say that over fifty-million of us head to our family’s homes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other major holidays.

What if you can’t get away for the holidays, though? How can you and your spouse or immediate family make it feel like the most wonderful time of the year if you’re stuck at home? Here are a few tips for keeping your days merry and bright, even when you can’t take a homebound flight.

Indulge in Traditions from Your Childhood

Nothing speaks to most of our holiday sensibilities than the memories we cherish from our youth. Whether it’s cuddling up in front of the Christmas tree in a pair of new pajamas on Christmas Eve or watching a marathon of holiday films after the turkey is long gone on Thanksgiving night, bring back some of what made your childhood holidays special, and share it with your partner, children or just enjoy it all yourself.

Celebrate with Those Who Are Within Reach

Just because you can’t make it all the way home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a holiday gathering of sorts. Invite local friends, neighbors and loved ones to meet you at a family restaurant or community gathering place and host a dinner or party of your own. No one will walk away feeling like they’ve missed out on the holidays.

Eat Like It’s Christmas

Once again, being unable to make it home for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your favorite things about the season. If you want a turkey dinner with all the trimmings but aren’t sure where to find one other than you mother’s kitchen, try out local family restaurants, or enjoy your own scaled-down, delicious meals at home.

Those in southern and western areas may choose to host a late-season barbeque while Abington, MA residents may enjoy brunch at a local establishment before heading home to celebrate with a dinner of their own. It’s all part of reinventing the holidays your way, and refusing to miss out on what you love most about them.

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