Can Crack Sealing in Madison WI Save That Parking Lot?

All paved areas around and near commercial buildings need to be maintained on a regular basis. When cracks appear, they should be repaired or sealed as soon as possible so they do not get larger. A paved area that is not maintained will deteriorate at a faster rate. Replacing paving, whether it is cement or asphalt, is a large investment. But, a paved area that is full of potholes and cracks is a bad reflection on the commercial building owner. Also, a damaged, uneven paved area can become a hazard and a financial liability.

Can This Paved Area Be Repaired?

Some driveways, streets, and parking lots are damaged by potholes and cracks but can be repaired. Others are too damaged and must be dug out and replaced. Only a professional paving company representative such as Tri-County Paving Inc. can tell for sure if a paved area can be repaired. The best companies will come on site to examine a paved area and give the landowner a free estimate for repairing or replacing the surface.

If the damage is relatively recent and cracks are small, the surface can be repaired by filling holes and crack sealing in Madison WI. It is important to examine a paved surface periodically to catch damage early when it is easier to repair. Some paving companies will offer a maintenance contract where a company representative will inspect the paved areas around a building at agreed upon times and apply Crack Sealing in Madison WI as needed.

New Paving

Some paved areas become so damaged they must be replaced for safety and functionality. Some commercial building owners want to pave new areas for added parking of easier building access. It is important when a new paving job is being done that the substrate is properly applied. The old surface must be entirely removed and the resulting surface must be smooth and level with no soft spots or hollows. When a solid, level surface has been obtained, the paving must be applied at proper thickness and material content.

The surface preparation and proper application of paving determine how well it will perform and how long it will last. Browse our website and get more paving information.

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