Can Anyone Grow, Sell Or Use Medical Marijuana In Glenview Illinois?

No they cannot. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 is still very much in force and its restrictions on habitual, recreational or medicinal cannabis use are still liable to strict enforcement. However (and fortunately for many suffers with debilitating ailments) Illinois is one of the growing number of American States that does allow Medical Marijuana (in Glenview and the rest of the State).

The Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act

This came into effect on January 1ST, 2015 and it runs counter to the blanket ban on the products of certain strains of the hemp plant. Federal law lumps all uses together and declares it a Class 1 drug and therefore totally illegal. The State law in Illinois allows the growth, production, distribution and use of medicinal cannabis but only under a set of well defined and controlled conditions. It is a compassionate view solely designed for the benefit of people suffering disease or illness that has been shown to respond to treatment with medicinal cannabis. The controls that are in place are there to discourage casual or recreational use. Unlike some States, Illinois has not decriminalized the drug.

Who Can Grow, Sell Or Use It?

The Program is administered by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) who are responsible for authorizing all aspects of the supply chain from the growing through to the distribution and who can purchase it for their own individual use. The State does charge fees for this but it is not run as a profit center.

Approved growers are only allowed to sell to approved dispensaries who, in turn, can only sell to approved users. For a user to be approved, they must be a proven resident of Illinois and evidence has to be provided confirming that they suffer from one or more of the listed ailments that qualify for treatment under the Program. If these conditions are met, then, the sufferer will be issued with an identification card that allows them to buy up to 2.5 ounces of therapeutic cannabis every two weeks.

As a further control, they can only buy their supply at a State approved dispensary at which they must register and always use the same dispensary. They must also renew their ID card every year. Much of the registration process can be carried out online through the IDPH website.

Greenhouse is one of the companies set up to run Illinois State approved dispensaries (primarily for residents in Chicagoland). Medical Marijuana for Glenview is available for qualified patients at their dispensary in Deerfield. To know more information visit Domain.

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