Buying Your First Vape

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Insurance

So, you have made the decision to stop smoking and start vaping instead. Good for you, vaping is much less harmful than smoking when it comes to your health. They are also still socially acceptable and do not leave behind a smell or sticky tar on everything. A vape life insurance quote is often much cheaper than a smoker’s quote if you find a company that differentiates between the two. Here are some tips for buying your first vape.

Picking The Right Atomizer

When it comes to your atomizer there are many different types, but there are two that stand out. A sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable drip atomizer. Both of these offer advantages and disadvantages over the other. In general, if you want continuous use and convenience, go with a tank. Since you are able to store the liquid in the tank you will not have to refill as often. This is great if you plan to use it while driving, which is when many people smoke as well.

RDAs, however, do not store the liquid. You have to drip some liquid onto the cotton around the coil every few uses. If you don’t then you will get what is known as a dry hit. This simply means the cotton was dry and will usually burn and taste bad. If you get a dry hit check your cotton, it may need to be replaced.

Type of Vape

When it comes to your vape itself there are three main types: pens, handheld, and box mods. For most people a pen or handheld is the best way to go. This is because they are cheap and convenient. A box mod will take up a lot more pocket space. The downside to these types though is that they deliver less power. A small hand held vape mod is often the best mix of convenience and power for most users.

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