Bunion Treatment: Swiss Bunion Technique

If you are suffering from a bunion, you are not the only one. More than 3% of adults in America have a bunion on one foot or on both. Hereditary factors are the most common causes for bunions. However, there are other factors that can contribute to bunions. They include: injury, binding footwear and walking upon hard surfaces constantly.  There are a number of different ways to treat bunions. One of these ways is the Swiss bunion technique. If you are thinking of the Swiss bunion technique in Chicago, take a look at the following information:

What is the Swiss Bunion Technique?

This technique realigns the metatarsal bone in 20-40 minutes. It pushes the bone out and maneuvers it back into its straight, natural position. The joints will be aligned, and future damage to cartilage will be reduced.  After the procedure, you will be back on your feet in just a few days.

Even though there are non-surgical treatments that could make the minor bunion pains that are in early stages less severe, the deformity growth will not be stopped by those treatments. That is when you will be required to undergo surgery, and that is when Swiss bunion technique can help.

The bunion technique allows for:

•    No crutches, no cast
•    Most patients going back to their duties in just a few days
•    Going back to the gym in just a few weeks
•    Personalized post-operation care that is customized for each patient

How to Prevent Bunions

If bunions are noticed in their early stages, they can be slowed or can be contained in a customized functional shoe insert and a proper shoe gear. Examination done by a podiatrist is highly recommendable.

The above-mentioned treatments are effective in treating bunions. If you have bunions, seek professional podiatrists as soon as possible because bunions can affect your stability and in some cases, they can lead to arthritis.

For Swiss bunion technique in Chicago, you can go to Chicago Foot Care Clinic for professional help.

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