Best Tips for Cleaning Hearing Aids in Casa Grande, AZ

Hearing aids in Casa Grande, AZ, are an expensive purchase, so it’s good to become familiar with how to clean and maintain them at home. Because hearing aids must work in an environment that is far from perfect, they must be placed within the ear canals, where they are susceptible to earwax and moisture, unlike most other electronic devices.

Regular cleaning that you can perform yourself and normal maintenance performed by your hearing care specialist can provide you with years of dependable, superior hearing performance.

Gather the Proper Cleaning Tools

A wax pick and brush are essential when it comes to cleaning hearing aids in Casa Grande AZ. Earwax can build up at the orifice at the end of a hearing aid where the sound is released, resulting in muted or feedback sound. If left for an extended period of time, it might cause harm to the receiver. Use the pick and brush to carefully remove any remaining wax.

Clean the Device at the End of Each Day

Cleaning them before evening allows them to air out for many hours before putting them back in your ears the next morning. When cleaning hearing aids, avoid using wipes that contain chemicals or alcohol since they may cause harm to the devices.

Develop Good Habits Early

Before cleaning, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. During your hygiene regimen, remove your hearing aids. This prevents water and soap from destroying your hearing aids. It’s best to shower and wash your face and hair without them. After you’ve applied hair products like sprays or gels, put your aids in.

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