Benefits Offered by Pavement Sealants in Portland, OR

Having new concrete or pavement installed can improve the aesthetics of parking lots, roads, driveways and more. However, over time, issues are still going to occur. A great way to reduce the problems with these surfaces is by investing in Pavement Sealants in Portland OR. The sealants available today are uniquely designed to protect the surface of the pavement from the things that can damage it.

Some of the items and factors that pavement sealants can protect against are found here. While this does cost more, it is worth the investment since it will help to extend the longevity of the newly installed material.

UV Oxidation

Most pavement is in the sun for extended periods of time day after day. As a result, the surfaces are often damaged by the constant exposure to UV rays. Pavement Sealants in Portland OR can help to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the surfaces resulting from UV rays and oxidation.

Thin Cracks

If the sealant is not used, thin cracks in the pavement’s surface can get worse. Any crack repair work that is done also needs to be sealed to help increase the paved area’s longevity. If there is a crack that is not treated or fixed, it could result in a number of issues, including uneven ground and potholes.

Water Erosion

Even if there are no cracks visible, pavement that is unsealed may begin to erode. Water is able to break through virtually any type of barrier and cause long-lasting damage. All this happens in a relatively short period of time, as well. Adding a barrier to prevent this type of erosion, such as a pavement sealant, can be quite beneficial. While it will take a few days to cure, the money that can be saved is quite significant.

There are always ways to make a paved surface last longer. With a professionally installed sealant, any pavement surface can last longer and cases of damage can be prevented. More information about sealing pavement surfaces can be found by contacting the staff at Atlas Supply. Being informed is the best way to make a pavement surface last longer.

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