Benefits of Working with an HVAC and Plumbing Company instead of a Lone Plumber

Some tradespeople work alone. They have established businesses and repeat customers and it often comes from word of mouth referrals. This is often the case with plumbers and electricians. But more people than ever are opting to go with an HVAC and plumbing company instead of a plumber alone. Why might this be the right option for you? There are a few potential reasons:


A great plumber can be booked well in advance due to his reputation. But that might mean they are not available when you have plumbing emergencies. By working with a company instead of a sole individual you’ll have a better chance of quick service, which can be a deal breaker when you’ve got plumbing or sewage problems. And when there’s a larger job that you need help with, plumbing contractors tend to have more manpower to get things done quickly. When you are on a tight deadline this could be advantageous.


Yes, an individual will want to be accountable for his or her business but if there are problems with the workmanship you won’t have a point of escalation unless you work with a company that offers plumbing services with a hierarchy and set standards. Many people prefer having a point of escalation and guarantees, which are sometimes unavailable when you work with an independent plumber.

Breadth of Service Offered

When you establish a relationship with a plumber and it comes time to do other services in the home, such as heating, air conditioning, and ventilation related repairs or upgrades, your plumber might be able to refer you. Then you’ll need to establish a relationship with a new skilled trades person.

But when you work with a company that offers plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and more and you’ve chosen a company that you are very happy with the relationship and expectations being set can mean it’s easier to do business in the future. You’ll know who to call, how billing works, and what to expect. As an established customer you might be at more ease, too, about knowing that there’s a point of escalation in case things don’t go as planned and in case expectations are not met.


Larger companies often have more competitive pricing than independent plumbers. Many will also offer financing, too. Smaller companies / individual plumbers might not have the ability to help with financing options.

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