Benefits of Using a DI Water Spray Gun to Transfer High Purity Fluids

A number of industries use deionized and purified water as a part of their manufacturing and production processes. In order to maintain purity, the water needs to flow through materials that will not inhibit the purification process with unwanted ion particles and microorganisms. Read on to see how a DI water spray gun can aid the transfer of deionized and purified water.

Made with Durable Materials

Designed to last a long time, spray guns are made with PTFE and Polypropylene materials that prevent them from being ruined by harsh and corrosive chemical environments. Spray guns are also built to handle the high-pressured fluid transfer.

Reduces Microbial Growth

Water spray guns are made to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses. Recirculating guns allow water to circulate back throughout the entire gun so that microorganisms have minimal opportunities to grow and spoil the deionized and purified water.

Direct Flow of Fluids

Spray guns direct fluid where it is needed to help prevent unwanted splashing. The easy-grip design enables easy control of the fluid for efficient and reliable transfer of fluids in controlled amounts to prevent waste and reduce the risk of accidents.

Call Today

Spray guns are highly durable and are made to assist with processes in biomedical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor facilities requiring high purity fluid transfer. Look through the catalog today for the right DI water spray gun, along with any necessary spare parts, to fit your manufacturing and production needs.

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