Benefits of Microblading

If you want to enhance your eyebrows in Solon OH, there are many different services available to you. One reliable and long lasting option is microblading, which is a semi-permanent method of making it look as though you have fuller and nicely shaped brows by using a needle to insert pigment under your skin. You might be a little nervous about basically tattooing on an eyebrow, but there are many benefits of this procedure.

It Usually Looks Completely Natural

The strokes of microblading are more natural looking than the usual pencil strokes. Pencil strokes can smudge, especially if you sweat, which can cause it to look fake. Microblading does not have this problem because the needle is extremely thin and precise. Additionally, the color is picked to match the exact color of your natural eyebrows. Even if you have hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy, microblading can make it look as though you have a natural brow. In fact, microblading is often used for making it impossible to tell that cancer patients do not have eyebrows.

It Is Safe and Painless

As long as you verify that you chose a microblading artist with a clean needle and microblading license or tattoo license, then you should not experience any complications. The procedure is noninvasive and only takes one or two hours with minimal pain. You can even ask your microblading artist to use a strong numbing cream and lidocaine to make it almost completely painless.

It Lasts for a Very Long Time

You might need one to three touch ups to make sure it looks that way you want it to, but after one trip to a microblading artist to get the procedure, your eyebrows can last for at least a year. Oftentimes, some of the effects can last for nearly three years as long as you practice proper aftercare. It neither fades nor smudges because it is semi-permanently injected into the first three layers of your skin. The pigments are also organic, so they will not change color like some other types of tattoo pigments. Instead, they might just lose a little bit of their saturation after a few years.

For anyone who thinks that their eyebrows need some work, then microblading might be an incredibly simple long term solution. You will not have to spend time in the morning trying to make your eyebrows look good. Most people are extremely pleased with the results. Therefore, if you are insecure about how thin your eyebrows are, then microblading can make it look you have a naturally thick and nicely shaped brow.

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