Benefits of Installing Brooks Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA

Most of today’s seniors prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. However, aging in place can pose certain challenges, especially for those who live in houses with multiple stories. Read on to find out how installing Brooks Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA can help.

Increased Independence

The primary reason people prefer to age in place is that it allows them to maintain their independence. That doesn’t mean much when seniors have to rely on family members or other caretakers just to bring things from one floor to another or get up and down the stairs safely. A stair lift will allow seniors to travel between different floors of their homes and transport small belongings safely with ease, decreasing their reliance on others and making it easier to continue living at home.

Improved Safety

Some seniors can still get up and down the stairs but don’t feel safe doing so alone. Slips and falls that occur on staircases can cause devastating injuries or even death so, understandably, many people are hesitant to tackle the stairs without help. Brooks Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA remove the personal safety concerns associated with traveling between floors.

Ease of Use

Stair lifts are designed to be easy to use. Seniors can simply sit down in the chair, put on the seatbelt, and use the lift’s rocker switch to get up and down the stairs safely. Most models also come with two keyed remotes, which allows multiple people living in the same home to use the stair lift.

Impressive Comfort

Modern stair lifts provide a smooth and comfortable ride. They feature armrests and padded cushions to ensure maximum comfort for seniors in any physical condition.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Installing a stair lift is much more cost-effective than paying a full-time caregiver just to help seniors get up and down the stairs. Seniors who aren’t sure if this solution is right for them can schedule free in-home consultations to discuss their options, so there’s nothing to lose by speaking with a Brooks representative.

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