Benefits of Hiring a Professional Garbage Removal Service in Long Island NY

Waste management is vital as it helps to keep the environment cleaner and healthy. When things are thrown into the conventional garbage, they are sent to landfills where they are buried. Some items, such as food wastes will break down eventually overtime, but other items will not. Generally, this garbage sits in the landfills for many years, taking up space and releasing disgusting and harmful toxins in the air and soil. Anything absorbed by the soil can eventually find its way into the water supply, causing people to become ill. When air is polluted, it becomes heavy and hard to breath. All of these negative impacts can be reduced greatly by hiring a professional Garbage Removal Service in Long Island NY. Certified garbage removal professionals at V. Garofalo Carting Inc. are dedicated to offering business and homeowners quality waste management services. Here are the three major reasons to hire professional garbage removal services.

Improved Sanitary Conditions

By hiring professional garbage removal services, there will be less chances of decomposing foods, which attract insects, pests, and animals. Additionally, those who use plastic garbage bags that are not biodegradable will use fewer of these bags. Professional garbage removers will ensure that all the accumulating garbage is removed within the shortest time possible to avoid health problems.
Reduce Emission of Harmful Gases

Food scraps produced in the US in 2007 was estimated to be about 31.7 million tons. 12.5 percent of all this solid waste was sent to landfills. Food scraps decomposing in landfills produce harmful gasses, such as methane, which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. To ensure proper disposal of garbage and reduce of emission of these harmful gasses, it is imperative to hire a professional garbage removal service.

Production of Environmental Friendly Products

Bio-solids or treated sludge, which is a bio-product of treated food solids, can be developed into fertilizers. Fertilizers produced from bio-solids are an environmental friendly than the energy-intensive fertilizer produced in other manufacturing processes.

These are just some of the top reasons to hire a professional Garbage Removal Service in Long Island NY. For additional details about professional garbage removal services, and how to contact a reputable waste management company, click here to know more.

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