Benefits Of Hiring A DUI Lawyer In Emporia KS

If a person is pulled over by the police and arrested for drunk driving, it can be very upsetting. There are very serious fines and penalties if the driver is convicted of drunk driving. The best thing that the offender can do is to hire a DUI Defense Lawyer in Emporia KS. There are a few things that a DUI lawyer can do to possibly get the charges dropped.

Challenge the Traffic Stop

When the driver hires a DUI Defense Lawyer in Emporia KS, the lawyer can try to challenge the traffic stop. If the lawyer can prove that the police had no reason to pull their client over, the DUI charges might be able to be dropped.

Challenging Suspicion That the Driver Was Drunk

After a DUI arrest, the arresting officer will include the reasons that they believed that the driver was drunk in their report. This can include slurred speech, red, bloodshot eyes, and the scent of alcohol on their breath. The lawyer could argue that the slurred speech is due to a mouth injury or prescription medication. The red eyes could be due to allergies. The smell of alcohol could be something simple like the scent of mouthwash. There are several ways that the lawyer can argue the suspicion of drunk driving.

Challenge the Breathalyzer

If the driver failed the breathalyzer, there is a chance that the DUI lawyer can question the validity of the test. The lawyer can argue that the breathalyzer used was not properly calibrated or that it was not functioning properly. If the argument is strong enough, the charges could be dropped.

Challenge the Field Sobriety Test

There are several reasons that a person can fail a field sobriety test that has nothing to do with being drunk. The lawyer could say that the driver had a health issue that affected their balance. They could say that the road was wet or rocky, which made the test conditions poor. Something simple like the shoes that the offender was wearing can also have a negative effect on the test. If the lawyer can prove that the offender failed for any reason other than being drunk, the charges can be dropped.

If a person has been arrested for drunk driving and they want to fight the charge, they should contact us for more information.

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